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PT. Raja Container Indonesia, also well known as RACONINDO®, RACONINDO’s main
objective is to provide a wide range of high quality services and products (related,
but certainly not restricted to) the shipping container industry. We also provide
international standard modified containers to suite any application i.e. mining
camps, oil camps, offices, medical units etc.

Our company is a national privately owned company which was founded in June of
2007. Although we are still a relatively young company, we have been enjoying
significant growth since 2007, and we expect this growth will continue for the
foreseeable future. The reason for this ongoing growth is due to strong support
from our existing customers, vendors, and our international network.

To support this ongoing growth, we have established strategic partnerships with
several very reputable foreign companies. These companies are already very well
established internationally, which allows RACONINDO to draw on their products and

Sincerely Yours,
PT. Raja Container Indonesia

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